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I am someone who wants to ensure that my student understands the content I taught them before I move on to the next lesson. How we are ensuring that we are meeting the learning goals and fulfilling the success criteria is by having check-ins. There are many benefits of using formative assessments. Not only does it benefit the teachers, it also benefits the students (Chappuis & Chappuis, 2007; Power School, 2017).

  • Helps teacher collect information of growth and success
  • Enables teachers to adjust instruction quickly 

  • It helps students stay on track of the learning goals and have a clear target to work towards the goals.
  • Helps students close the gap between current knowledge and their learning goals.
  • Enhance student motivation
  • Increased student engagement – competition against peers get them going!
  • Can use the feedback from the results to adjust and improve their own learning 

Most of the time, our laptops are connected to the projector and projected onto the screen. Likewise, students are usually on their laptops or have their cell phones out. Might as well make use of this connection.

I have used multiple online tools for assessment in my own classroom (I try to change it up and not use a tool back to back days). Some of my favourites include:

1. Socrative 

Highlight of tool:
·        Instant insight of students' learning
·        Students get instant feedback
·        Teachers can download class or individual student activity reports
·        Space races! Fun and engaging. 

2. Kahoot! 

Highlight of tool:
·        Provide real time results- tracking progress over time might be tedious
·        Game based platform
·        Can be very competitive between students! 

3. Poll Everywhere

Highlight of tool:
·        Teacher can access it via web browser or PowerPoint add on
·        Instant results presented
·        Students can text in answers or answer on the web browser

4. Quizlet Live

Highlight of tool:
·        Collaboration between team members on selecting the correct answer
·        Competition between teams 

Keeping in mind that all the tech tools require access to the internet and a device. It is also good to have a backup plan just in case technology fails or connectivity issues. I usually print out sheets of quizzes. Some students prefer a paper copy even if they have a device. It is another idea of accommodating student’s diverse needs.

I'm sure there are many more online tools that can be used for assessment or minds-on activity. What are some others do you know of? Which one is your favourite?


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