Saturday, June 9, 2018

Access to technology (Digital Divide)

Access to Technology is difficult in a world where technology costs a lot.  In order to have access to the internet and a tech device one has to buy and spend money on this.  In todays society the most discussed issue is the availability of affordable technology. (The Digital Divide)  In order to bridge the gap I believe we need to take a look at the way technology is viewed in other places.  In some countries access to a telephone is considered a vital component so much so that the government has reduced the cost of telephones.  Economic equality, the telephone is often seen as important for security.  Other reasons is that if one cant access a phone vital information about work, life and so on won’t be transmitted to them.  Social mobility is also affected by lack of access to technology.  Networks play a role in education, and our careers and without access to the internet some youth and adults aren’t getting access to the same opportunities as other who can afford it. 


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