Monday, July 2, 2018

Augmented Reality – Is the classroom ready?

What is it?

Augmented Reality (AR) typically occurs with a glasses/headgear that allows you to look at the real world around you with superimposed computer generated images, video and/or media content.

AR has the potential to transform education. In the TEDx video below Florian Radke argues that “…it will decrease our learning curve and increasing our brains productivity”. Using the international space station as an example Radke demonstrates how AR can be used in education.

Benefits to AR in the classroom

1.     Engage students in learning
2.     Motivate students
3.     Foster creativity
4.     Many apps and pre-made sources available
5.     Can use mobile devices and apps

Challenges to AR in the Classroom

1.     Cost. of an AR headset 3-5 thousand Hololens or everyone having a smart phone or tablet.
2.     Functionality (teacher learning curve)
3.     Technical issues
4.     Technology for technology’s sake

My Attempt at AR

As learning how to make an AR artifact was seen as a barrier to implementing this technology into curriculum I decided to attempt making a digital poster using HP Reveal. In the course “Online Technology in Education” at UOIT Professor Power demonstrated how to use HP Reveal. I decided to make a simple AR poster that highlighted some AR apps that could be used in the classroom. The purpose was to see how time consuming it was to create and how difficult it was to complete with one introductory video as my resource.

I am pleased to say I was able to complete the task in under 3 hours. What was surprising is what took to most time. It was not creating the poster itself but rather the finding the picture and links I wanted to use for the AR poster. Once I had all the resources making the poster in HP reveal was quite straightforward. I have to admit I did need to reach out for more assistance on how to download the picture to share – I thought it had to be more complex than just saving the picture. It turns out it was not more complex and that I was to save the picture and share, as I normally would share any picture. I only need to add HP reveal instruction.

I will admit that the poster is simple and really just a first step but I was surprised how easy it was to make. In turn I have shown many people I work with and how easy it was to create and now many are looking to add something to their courses.

Final Product

To see the final product. Download HP reveal (apple, android). Follow me (nlacruz) and scan the image below.


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