Monday, July 2, 2018

Have you got #FlipgridFever?

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid (2018) is a video discussion platform designed for educators to use in the classroom.  Teachers can post a topic to which students reply with short videos.  This platform is designed to promote open discussion amongst all students in the classroom where students can reply to posted prompts and to each other.  
Flipgrid allows ALL students to participate equally in discussions, giving every student VOICE in the classroom.  AND… Flipgrid was recently acquired by Microsoft (Taralson, 2018) and they announced that all aspects are free to all educators and students!

Getting Started with Flipgrid

Check out the following video which provides a brief walk through of how to set up your first grid (Flipgrid, 2018).

Uses for Flipgrid in the Classroom

Flipgrid is so much more that a platform to post discussion prompts for students to reply to.  Here are 6 creative ways that Flipgrid can be used in the classroom:

Camera Shy Students?

What about those students who are not comfortable having their face recorded or being on camera?  There are many options here to help your students develop the skills and comfort level needed while using this tool.  This includes:
  • Allowing group recordings at first.
  • Modelling how to use the tool by posting videos yourself.
  • Letting students use "paper slides" (ideas on paper and only voice is recorded) or screencasts, using tools such as Screencastify (2018).
  • Turning on response moderation so that the video is only viewable to the teacher.
  • Using other tools, such as ChatterPix, which can take any picture and make it talk with your voice recording (Duck Duck Moose Inc., 2018).


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